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Religious Bracelets

Cross bracelet

Take your faith with you with our Christian bracelets.

Our religious bracelets are available in a wide variety of designs and can be matched to any style and fashion. These Christian-inspired bracelets feature scriptures, a symbol of different Christian crosses (Catholic, Orthodox, Byzantine, Greek, Celtic, etc.), Bible verses, a miraculous medal or a religious medal. They are made of quality metals such as gold plated, sterling silver or even stainless steel and are sometimes adorned with diamonds in zirconium oxides ... You will understand: You have the choice!

Every Christian can declare their faith in style, thanks to a religious bracelet on their wrist!

Cross bracelets for men

Designed with inspirational words or religious symbols, religious bracelets for men are a way to express your beliefs and share the word of the Lord with your neighbor. You will find a wide variety of styles and designs:

  • Mens Leather Bracelet
  • Mens Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Men's curb chain
  • Cross bracelet for men
  • Silver bracelet
  • Gold bracelet

Browse our collection and find your favorites today!

Cross bracelets for women

Inspired by faith, these religious bracelets for Christian women are blessed by the grace of God and will strengthen your faith:

  • Faith Charm Bracelet
  • Bracelet with Zirconium Oxides
  • Cross bracelet for women
  • Bracelet Chain
  • Pearl Faith Bracelet

Jesus christ bracelets

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ with these Jesus bracelets highlighted by the Savior on the cross or by His holy name:

  • Jesus Beads Bracelet
  • Jesus Crucifix Bracelet
  • Our Father Prayer Bracelet

Bracelets with Bible Verses

Browse our collection of Religious Pendant , these Christian pendants will go perfectly with your Religious bracelet!

23 products

23 products