Our history

As with any story, there is always a beginning, it is no different.
My name is Alexandre and we founded with Sabrina Christian Boutique® .

The Beginning - The Vision

Christian Boutique® started as a dream; at one point everything was dark, the path to follow was unclear, and the vision seemed unrealistic and unattainable.

But as founders, we saw the need to maintain hope and strive for what we believed in.

What was this vision? The goal was to educate the world about Christianity and the Christian faith through an online e-commerce platform.

The dream has come true

Over time, the vision gained momentum and in a short time, Christian Boutique® has become a reality.

We believe in the power, power and lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our faith in Jesus Christ runs deep, our belief unwavering and our passion to spread the good news of Christ, his love, death, resurrection, ascension and salvation burns like fire in a furnace - we are like a match. made in the sky, running as a vehicle running on all cylinders.

In a world plagued by terror, suffering, catastrophes and all kinds of crises, Christian Boutique® was introduced to help people move from pain to the goal, from suffering to respite, from despair to comfort, and from a dark tunnel to a bright and radiant place; a place of freedom, hope, love, expression, happiness, and above all a relationship with God the master of everything.

To achieve this, we have created Christian Boutique® as a brand to be an online e-commerce platform or a shop to sell Christian material which, when purchased, will stimulate the faith of believers, encourage the oppressed, give hope to those who have lost everything and open up to the more the opportunity to experience God or the beauty of a relationship with Jesus Christ for themselves.

The goal - Give

The goal of creating this online store was to sell Christian jewelry, clothing and accessories for dedicated Christians and anyone who wanted to buy and participate in the project.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: " The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

There are no words truer than that. We have found happiness and fulfillment by reaching as many people as possible through it.

Christian Boutique® is not only meant to make money, but to impact lives all over the world.

We wish to make an impact on our world by providing quality Christian materials to our customers and using a portion of the proceeds as charity for those in need or the less privileged first, in France and then across the country. world to Africa and other Asian countries.

For every item we sell, we donate a portion of every order to Christian charities in France.

We hope and pray that this store inspires faith in believers, but also that it opens the doors of Christianity to strangers and makes them know Jesus Christ.

Join us !

The Christian journey is a journey of faith, love, hope and happiness. The complete or holistic man is the one who walks with God - God helps him to develop personally, to have a better approach to life, to deal better with people and to live happily here on earth.

Do you need inspiring, uplifting and uplifting products that will keep you going, transforming you, and getting you from where you are to where you should be?

So here is a call to you, asking you to participate in a world changing experience and to spread love with us!

- Alexandre and Sabrina

The founders of Boutique Chrétienne®